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Signature Skin Care Services

Rejuvenating Skin Care is a must to maintain a vibrant, youthful looking complexion. Please allow one of our licensed Skin Care Therapists to suggest a corrective facial treatment program and hom-ecare maintenance for you. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technologically advanced Natural & Organic products, we can help you look and feel your best!

Oxygen Infusion Facial  $195.00

The latest technology introduces natures most important element….Oxygen to repair and revive your skin. This corrective treatment includes deep cleansing of the pores,
extractions, oxygen serum and mask with neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage.


Caspian Sea Caviar  $150.00

Black Beluga Caviar combines with Crushed Pearls in this Sensational Treatment Rich in Essential Nutrients for your Skin! Recommended for Fragile, Dehydrated, Sun-Damaged Skins.

Skinfit Caviar For Men  $125.00

Restore Vitality and Soothe Weathered Skins with a facial fit for a King!

Phyto Stem Cell  $165.00

Advanced Scientific formulations bring us Botanical Stem Cell Therapy to “wake up” your skin and reverse aging. Recommended in a series by consultation.

Institute Treatments (Signature European Facial)  $125.00

The Spa’s Signature Treatments include High Performance, Corrective Serums and Layered, Lift-off Mask that are recommended for Deeply Dehydrated, Sun-Damaged Skins!!

**Please allow our therapist to suggest the appropriate treatment for your skin!

Signature Volcanic Ash Facial  $125.00

Super penetrating, microscopic & absorbent Volcanic Ash Mineral Clay particles which draws out skin damaging toxins and impurities. V. Ash also have a face lifting effect on outer loose skin of the frontal neck, chin and jaw line.

Revita-C Facial  $125.00

Ultimate repair for sun-damage with anti-oxidant Vitamin C and 100% Freeze-Dried

Seaweed penetrated with a soft, peel-off mask to reveal your luminous skin.

Sensi Facial  $125.00

Soothe and hydrate defines this facial treatment.  Combining a corrective serum with a soft seaweed mask ensures a beautiful glow for all skins.  Excellent for Brides and Special Events.

Brightening Facial $109.00

Minimize discoloration and improve skin clarity with a series of lightening peels to exfoliate “hyper-pigmentation” and normalize melanin production.

** Treatment Series by consultation

**Daily Home care for Correction and SPF30 for protection is a must!

Custom Facial  $85.00

This Restorative Treatment includes Deep Cleansing, a Corrective Serum,This Restorative Treatment includes Deep Cleansing, a Corrective Serum, Therapeutic Massage with Essential Oils, an Anti-Oxidant Eye Mask and Customized Face Mask.

Acne Treatment  $85.00

A special Repairing Mask and Antibiotic Serum is used to combat Bacteria and Soothe Problematic Skins. **Recommended in a Series of 6/Once Weekly

Ultrasonic Treatment  $85.00

The Ultrasonic Facial Treatment is recommended for all skin types, has shown Remarkable results for those with skin problems or acne because works deeply into the skin, allowing deeper cleaning. Good also for anti-aging. Great for penetrating product into the skin.

Renewal Facial (European)  $75.00

Pineapple & Papaya Enzymes gently exfoliate the skin followed with Extraction of Impurities, an Aromatherapy Massage and a Customized Mask. Great for all Skin Types!

Gentleman’s Facial  $75.00

Deep Cleansing and Relaxing Shiatsu Massage Invigorate the Face, Neck And Shoulders. ENJOY!

Refresher Facial (Mini)  $55.00

A relaxing facial customized especially for your skin and includes gentle scrub, steam, extractions and facial massage.


Signature Facial

Enhance Your Experience!

Oxygen Treatment  $100.00

Ask your Signature skin care specialist about enhancing your Signature experience with our Oxygen Treatment to learn more!

LED Light Therapy Treatment  $85.00

UV-free, specific wavelengths to boost collagen production, promote circulation, treat existing acne and kill bacteria, as well as accelerate skin recovery.

Oxygen Added to Facial  $50.00

Ask your Signature skin care specialist about enhancing your Signature experience!

Ultrasonic Added to Facial  $40.00

Ask your Signature skin care specialist about enhancing your Signature experience!

Lifting Face & Neck Mask  $40.00

Ask your Signature skin care specialist about enhancing your Signature experience!

Signature Ash Hand Treatment  $35.00

Detox & Renew your hands…fine lines & discoloration disappear.

Signature Ash Lip Treatment  $35.00

This treatment Exfoliates the lip. Gives a softer more define looking lips and lines.

Lip Renew Plump & De-Age Treatment  $35.00

Ultra-hydrating treatment that increases lip volume, smooth lip contour, reduce lines and wrinkles.

V. Ash Hands Treatment  $35.00

Ask your Signature skin care specialist about enhancing your Signature experience!

For the Eyes Only  $30.00

De-Stress and Refresh is the name of this corrective treatment for the eye area. A Collagen & Gingko Biloba Mask is used to Reduce Puffiness and Fine Lines around the eyes.

Lip Contour  $30.00

Renew the contour of the lips with our Retinol & Collagen Treatment Mask!

Aroma Therapy  $11.00


Signature Facial

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